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'Echo Guided Life Support' by Drs. Jean-François Lanctôt, Maxime Valois, Martin Loranger, and Stéphane Rhein.

Hardcopy ISBN-9780991956623; $72.95 CAD 

Electronic copy ISBN-9780991956630; $29.99 CAD (iBook)

This book describes how shock and unstable patients can be managed with Echo Guided Life Support (EGLS).

The EGLS algorithm is a simple and effective framework that combines lung, cardiac, and IVC ultrasound. The algorithm provides a rapid step by step approach to help categorize shock and guide the initial management of shock patients. 

The concepts reviewed in this book are useful for any physician likely to encounter unstable patients in the emergency room, the ICU, the operating room, or on the wards.

Recent Releases: Textbook (April 2016) and iBook (May 2016)

New Release: Kindle ebook (February 2017)

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'Bedside Ultrasound – Level 1' by Dr. Peter Steinmetz, MD

Hardcopy ISBN-9780991956609; $72.95 CAD

Electronic copy ISBN-9780991956616; $14.99 CAD (iBook)

This textbook is a unique beginner book for medical students and healthcare workers starting to apply bedside ultrasound in their daily practice. Little or no prior experience in bedside ultrasound is necessary. Techniques are expressed simply and clearly with schematics, ultrasound images, and online videos. The book has received outstanding reviews from medical students and residents after being chosen for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at McGill University. It has also received excellent reviews from clinicians in continuing medical education courses.

'Bedside Ultrasound – Level 1' receives prize from the Quebec College of Family Physicians in 2015 

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'Échographie Ciblée – Niveau 1' de Dr. Peter Steinmetz, MD

Traduction et conseiller à la rédaction :  Dr. Claude Topping, MD

Hardcopy ISBN-9780991956647; $72.95 CAD

Electronic copy ISBN-9780991956654; $14.99 CAD (iBook) 

Ce manuel est un guide pratique qui s'adresse aux professionnels de la santé qui commencent à employer l'échographie au chevet du patient dans leur pratique quotidienne.

This book is a direct translation of 'Bedside Ultrasound - Level 1' into French.

'Échographie Ciblée – Niveau 1'  reçoit le prix d'excellence du Collège Québécois des Médecins de Famille en 2015 

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